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What our customers say about Tucson Technology SRM

Joe is impressed with the level of configurability in the Graphical user interface and declares that T2 is an innovative product designed to be self-service and not intensive customisation by services. Joe particularly loves the in-platform help function and integrated support.
Joe Superuser for a large 3PL with cross-country deployments
John loves the platforms' support for complex operational flows. He declares that it allows him to leverage his organisations volume to generate cost savings and service improvements across transport spend. John is frequently under pressure to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. T2's ability to tackle the issue of decreasing the companies carbon footprint is a feature that he finds extremely helpful.
John Logistics category manager for a European B2B
with an ambitious ESG strategy
Freddy is particularly excited by the creative route that the T2 ML prediction technology is taking with relation to visibility and alerting. Freddy's team has always battled to make sense of the huge amount of tracking data, which is why prescriptions and insights are so helpful in determining the optimal configuration.
Freddy Customer Service Manager for a fashion retailer
with online and store sales

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