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Tucson Technology partners with ConnectShip

Tucson Technology has formed a mutual partnership with ConnectShip to accelerate growth in the USA market.

London, UK: T2 (Tucson Technology) proudly announces that it has established its partnership with a global multicarrier shipping solutions provider, ConnectShip USA.

ConnectShip are embracing cloud innovation to evolve their business, both parties will expand their international shipping capabilities for respective customers. The collaboration will also see ConnectShip strengthen Tucson Technology through a diverse carrier portfolio which will provide bespoke shipping services to each customer. In turn, this will empower their customers to transition to T2 cloud technology.

ConnectShip will now enjoy access to a single platform that delivers automated and simplified real-time data insights and process visibility. This means it is better placed to understand and respond to the needs of customers and the wider market.

The partnership will enable T2 and ConnectShip to expand their international customer bases, enable US shippers to access global markets and allow T2 customers to access the US carrier landscape without restrictions. Thus, insuring access to a diverse carrier portfolio through our component-based compliance engine and solution provider partners. The move to embrace cloud technology ensures T2 will significantly modernise ConnectShip solutions and data architecture whilst allowing T2's customers multi-carrier shipping of up to 250,000 packages per hour.

The partnership offers Tucson Technology with a platform for deploying global transportation carriers. This will allow Tucson Technology to expand the options it offers clients in managing their logistics processes. ConnectShip enables compliance for multiple parcels and less than truckload (LTL) carriers domestically and in 49 countries worldwide. The patented ConnectShip multi-carrier technology will provide a sustainable and scalable way of supporting shipping logistics directly within Tucson Technology's shipping solutions. As Tucson Technology continues to look for ways to deliver simplified and efficient shipping services to its clients, ConnectShip will provide Tucson Technology with a standardised global platform for shipment processing. Tucson Technology clients will now have access to critical shipping documentation that are fully carrier compliant, minimising risk and expense to the shipper.

Linda Elliott, CEO, said: "Reinvention is part of our DNA, it means our transformation journey is never finished and that we can always better serve and provide innovative solutions to our customers. As we look to shift our business model towards (X), with deep expertise in logistics, manufacturing and supply chain, expanding our capabilities alongside ConnectShip has been the next step to make this a reality."

Hugues Board, Vice President at Tucson Technology, added: "We're proud to announce our new partner within the industry. As Tucson Technology evolves to become a truly digital-first company, T2 with ConnectShip is the perfect solution to enable faster, more agile, automated and insight- driven business services."

About Tucson Technology:
Tucson Technology is working with clients in Europe, Asia and Australia and is now launching in North American markets in 2022. Tucson Technology has developed the concept of Shipping Resource Management™ and the, the most innovative shipping solution for global enterprise. T2Cloud enables customers to leverage their data and the power of machine learning to create continuous shipping process improvements. Tucson Technology has received investment from European and US venture investors as well as the UK government’s Future Fund.

Tucson Technology: Power every part of your business Sell. Ship. Grow.

About ConnectShip®:
ConnectShip®, Inc. is a multi-carrier shipping software solutions provider. The ConnectShip® technology includes a powerful patented multi-carrier compliance engine for ERP, WMS, TMS and other solution providers that need multi-carrier compliance. More information is available at ConnectShip® at

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