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Tucson Technology partners with ConnectShip

Tucson Techology has entered into a mutual partnership with ConnectShip to accelerate growth in the North American market.

London, UK: Tucson Technology (T2) is pleased to announce that it has established a partnership with the shipping solutions provider, ConnectShip USA.

ConnectShip is embracing cloud innovation to evolve its business. The partnership will see both parties expand international shipping capabilities for their customers. The collaboration strengthens T2’s position in North America through ConnectShip’s extensive carrier portfolio, thereby completing the company’s global coverage. In turn, ConnectShip customers will benefit from T2’s cloud technology, presence, and experience in the European and Asian markets.

Additionally, ConnectShip customers will now enjoy access to a single platform that delivers automated and simplified real-time data insights and process visibility.

The partnership will enable ConnectShip to immediately expand its international customer base and, at the same time, provide T2 customers with access to the North American carrier landscape without restriction.

Linda Elliott, T2 CEO, said: “Our transformation journey is ongoing and part of our DNA. We always seek to provide innovative customer-driven solutions. Our business model leverages partnerships and especially those with deep expertise in logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain. ConnectShip represents the next step towards making this a reality.”

Hugues Bouard, Vice President at T2, added: “We are proud to announce our new partner within the industry. As Tucson Technology evolves to become a truly digital-first company, T2 with ConnectShip inside is the perfect solution to enable faster, more agile, automated and insight-driven business services. We can now confidently say: we Ship from Anywhere to Everywhere”.

About Tucson Technology:
Tucson Technology Ltd, currently supports clients in Europe, Asia and Australia and is now launching in North American markets. Tucson Technology has developed the Shipping Resource Management™ framework and deploys to customers through its T2Cloud platform, the most innovative shipping solution for global enterprises. T2Cloud enables customers to leverage their data and the power of machine learning to create continuous process improvements in their distribution facilities wherever they may be located. The company has received investment from European and U.S. venture investors as well as the UK government’s Future Fund.

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About ConnectShip®:
ConnectShip®, Inc., with over 40 years in the industry, is a multi-carrier shipping software solutions provider. The ConnectShip® technology includes a powerful patented multi-carrier compliance engine for ERP, WMS, TMS and other solution and in 2021 had shipping volume of over 800 million parcels.

More information is available at ConnectShip® at

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