Next Generation
Shipping Resource
Customer expectations of the delivery experience have
increased significantly with the rise of the eCommerce sector.
for sales
Propose deliveries at the most competitive cost
for Operations
Onboard new shipping services in shorter time frames
for Finance
Allocate all shipment costs to the relevant order, cost centre, or line of business
for Customer
Use real-time information to enhance customer service interactions

Power every part of your business Sell. Ship. Grow.

However big or small your team is, our products
will ensure that it always has a smooth and
enjoyable experience when building and shipping
your goods, planning your work, and

Whatever product or country you work with,
Tucson Technology offers you a tool to improve
and optimize your logistics processes.

By 2040, it is expected that 95% of purchases will be
made online. This means that there are enough reasons
to prepare for the automation of the logistics process.

Are your systems ready
to keep goods moving?

In 2019 the world saw more than 100 billion
parcels shipped... that number more than doubled
in five years. When will volumes double again
and where will that growth happen?

Can you deliver
what your customers

Meeting customer needs means offering
more options. Successful B2B commerce
recognises buying decisions are influenced
by delivery options while consumers want
access to more service at lower cost.

Are you ready for
the unexpected?

Detailed analysis prepares you for seasonal
peaks but what about unseasonal pandemics?
Good forecasts help business prepare;
flexibility means your business is prepared
for anything.

Meet the challenge of 21st century logistics
with Shipping Resource Management

SRM ensures the challenges
of sales, operations, customer
service and finance are the
focus of the logistics business

Shipping Resource Management focuses the logistics business model on the challenges of sales, operations, customer service and finance SRM embraces the traditional shipping functionality and adds new capabilities.

Additional features use data to bring value to operations beyond logistics. With SRM, the key focus becomes the complete customer experience.

Current Market Opportunities

Service enhancement

Time-slot selection, locker booking, crowd-sourced services – these and many other logistics innovations can only be integrated with flexible shipping technologies

Adding shipping options increases customer conversion and retention

Save Money, Save Time

Consolidation, break-bulk and other developments offer transportation managers the opportunity to achieve savings... but only if they can integrate with existing processes

Ability to add shipping services creates opportunities to reduce cos

Flexible innovation

Innovative routes to market will demand new and unique logistics options – these will require more sophisticated approaches from shipping technologies

Flexibility to integrate innovative services can deliver market advantages

We deployed 2000 locations
in a quarter of a year
We ship from
34 countries
Shipping volume growth year
on year

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