Next Generation
Shipping Resource
Customer expectations of the delivery experience have increased significantly with the rise of the eCommerce sector.
Dynamically offers the best delivery options based on customer expectations
Predictive and near real-time visibility at item, order and shipment level
Receive proactive alerts when anomalies are identified
Business rules dynamically updated when root cause of anomaly is detected

Set the standard in customer experience in your industry

However big or small your operation, T2Cloud provides a seamless experience when shipping your goods.

Whatever your location or line of business, T2Cloud gives you the tools to optimise your logistics processes.

Unlock the power of data-driven logistics
for actionable insights, seamless operations, and exceptional B2B customer experience

Are your systems ready
to meet growing customer expectations?

In 2021, 160 billion parcels were shipped throughout
the world. How will this growth influence the cost
and quality of delivery services? Is your organisation
ready to meet the challenge?

Are you meeting
customer expectations?

Meeting customer needs means offering more
options with better transparency, while remaining
cost effective. With the meteoric rise of
eCommerce, an order is now expected to be
monitored from the moment it is placed, until the time it is delivered in full.

Are you ready for
the unexpected?

Detailed analysis, forecasts and optimisation
can prepare a business for seasonal peaks –
but what about unseasonal pandemics? Built-in
flexibility and automation ensure that your business is prepared for anything.

Meet the challenges of 21st century logistics
with T2Cloud

T2Cloud ensures that the
challenges of sales, operations,
customer service and finance are
the focus of the logistics
business model

T2Cloud collates fragmented data across multiple systems and leverages it to anticipate the adjustment of business rules.

Whatever the size of your organization, its geographical footprint, or the expectations from your customers, T2’s cutting edge technology can be deployed symbiotically.

Current Market Opportunities

Service enhancement

Time-slot selection, locker booking, crowd-sourced services – these and many other logistics innovations can only be integrated with flexible shipping technologies

Adding shipping options increases customer conversion and retention

Save money, save time

Consolidation, break-bulk and other developments offer transportation managers the opportunity to achieve savings... but only if they can integrate with existing processes

Ability to add shipping services creates opportunities to reduce cost

Flexible innovation

Innovative routes to market will demand new and unique logistics options – these will require more sophisticated approaches from shipping technologies

Flexibility to integrate innovative services can deliver market advantages

We deployed 2000 locations
in a quarter of a year
We ship from
34 countries
Shipping volume growth year
on year

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